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UMC Madelia      According to the writings of Rev. W.L. Demorest and the Madelia Times Messenger of December 5th, 1899, the Madelia United Methodist Church owned no property in its very early days. The people met in log homes and barns. After the Indian uprising ceased, the soldiers vacated Fort Cox and the congregation met there. The Methodist also met in a little schoolhouse on Main Street for 8 years. In the winter of 1870 – 71 the Presbyterian built a new church and the Methodist were allowed to hold services there.

     In 1877 the Methodist Episcopal Church built their own church just east of the present building. It was a small rectangular building with a belfry on top of the front end. They eventually outgrew this small building. It was then moved to the east which enabled room for the building of a new church on the land where it is now. The cornerstone was laid June 12th 1896, at four P.M...

     In the fall November 22, 1896, the completed building was dedicated. It was the largest church in town for years seating about 700 people, including the balcony and the 2 side rooms. The church was heated by a coal furnace and lighted by a chandelier of ten central draft burning lamps. There are stories of a little boy selling grapes to donate toward the new church, and a little girl who was given a penny for candy said she was going to save it for the church.

     There have been many changes to the building, all for the convenience and preservation of the church. The kitchen was remodeled to make it bigger and replacing the old wood range with a new gas range. In 1950 the present nursery was created from a Sunday school classroom. During the 1960’s the old entry was replaced by the present entry which has steps on the inside and the entry door on the ground level which made it safe for all. In the 1970’s the basement was remodeled and new bathrooms were built. In 1979 the steeple was removed to replace the floor and some walls in the bell tower. The 1990’s saw the addition of a handicapped lift which makes the church accessible to everyone.


East Window      One of the architectural highlights of the church is the beautiful stained glass windows. The windows were purchased in honor of those persons whose names appear upon them. One summer a tornado swept through Madelia and the church had its share of damages. Among the damages was the upper right portion of the North window, the one pictured to the right. A glass company from Minneapolis repaired it, but since the company could not match the reddish brown color of the broken parts, they put in a bluish color.

     The window pictured to the left is located on the east wall of the sanctuary. Both windows have been re-leaded and storm windows were installed on the outside to protect the windows from the elements.

West Window      There are smaller stained glass windows in the Sunday school classrooms which are very beautiful also. We as a congregation appreciate all the time and commitment of the former members who have made this building a beautiful place to worship. The information on this page was taken from a book which was compiled in honor of the Celebration of Methodism Bicentennial and Madelia’s 127th Anniversary, by Kathryn and Jane Traver in 1984. A full copy is located in the church for all to read and enjoy.